Zodiac Salt Chlorinators

Zodiac Salt Chlorinators


Zodiac has been leading the way in salt chlorinators for over 10 years and their latest models are no exception.


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TRi Salt Chlorinator

The Zodiac TRi Salt Chlorinator is the latest model in the Zodiac range and is the ultimate in salt chlorinator technology. Manufactured using the very best materials from around the world the TRi chlorine generator uses reverse polarity plates that keep maintenance to an absolute minimum. The TRi control centre is easy to use with one touch controls and a simple to understand menu that guides you through all operations.


This exciting new chlorinator is available with a series of 3 modules which can be configured to suit every pool owner's individual needs.


TRi - The base module is the best chlorination technology available today.


TRi-pH - Delivers chlorination plus automatic pH control to keep your pool in perfect balance.


TRi-PRO - The king of water care; handles chlorination, pH balance and maintains the correct active chlorine levels.



  • TRi Three Years Full
  • TRi-pH  Four Years Full
  • TRi-PRO  Five Years Full




TRi-Compact 20 gram/hr

TRi-Mid 24 gram/hr

TRi-Large  35 gram/hr


TRi-pH Compact  20 gram/hr

TRi-pH Mid 24 gram/hr

TRi-pH Large  35 gram/hr


TRi-PRO Compact  20 gram/hr

TRi-PRO Mid   24 gram/hr

TRi-PRO Large   35 gram/hr



Ei Salt Chlorinator


The Zodiac Ei salt chlorinator has been designed with one goal in mind: to make chlorinating domestic swimming pools as easy as possible, from installation and set-up, right through to operation and maintenance.


The patented new design makes installation quick and simple. The menu control is easy to use and with the unit performing a self cleaning cycle every few hours any ongoing maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum.


Warranty  - Two Years Full




Ei-Compact  18 gram/hr

Ei-Mid  25 gram/hr

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