BioGuard SPA Complete Comfort Maintenance Program

Leave behind the worry of complicated spa care by simply following basic maintenance guidelines. The BioGuard Complete Comfort maintenance Program contains products that are specially formulated and designed to preserve your investment and enhance your enjoyment.


STEP 1 - Spa Sanitiser


Use either the traditional Chlorinated concentrate or simplify sanitising your spa with Symmetry tablets. Simply place in a dispenser and re-fill as needed.


STEP 2 - Spa Oxidiser


If you use your spa more then 3 times a week, then step 2 should be done once a week. Purity is an easy to use oxidiser, coming in pre-measured bags. Simply add directly into the spa water. Purity destroys all bather wastes that can dull the water and also contains clarifiers that aid in the removal of small particles, restoring the spa water's sparkle.


STEP 3 - Spa Water Balancer 


No longer do you need to use all those balancing chemicals, simply add Perfect Balance once a week. Perfect balance keeps the spa water's pH at the correct level at all times therefore eliminating the need for other balancers. It has many other benefits also which include containing corrosion inhibitors to protect your spa equipment.



STEP 4 - Spa Water Enhancer


Use Velvet once a week to create softer and more comfortable spa water. Velvet gives your spa water a soft and silky feel, moisturising your skin and giving off a lovely soft rose scent.


STEP 5 - Spa Filter Cleaner


Spa filters should be cleaned at least once a month. Use Filterbrite to rid your filter of swimmer wastes and other organic materials that using water alone will not remove.




To ensure that the spa water has the proper mineral balance it should be professionally tested at least once a month. Having correctly balanced water also means that the spa chemicals being used are working to their maximum efficiency. Poorly balanced water also wastes chemicals and money as well as the risk of damaging the spa surface and equipment.

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