Is a salt chlorinated system better then the traditional hand chlorinated system?

Salt chlorinators do have many advantages over the traditional hand chlorinated system.

Firstly, a salt chlorinator saves you money. The salt chlorinator sanitisers pool water by converting the salt in the water to a chlorine gas, sanitising your water and then changing back to salt. This circular process therefore saves you money as you do not need to continually buy chlorine or salt. Adding fresh water to the pool does cause the salt levels to drop and therefore salt pools do require salt to be added, usually once or twice a year. Despite this, the cost of a 20Kg bag of salt is usually around $7.50, again much cheaper then chlorine.

Secondly, salt chlorinators are fully automatic making maintaining a pool a much easier job. Simply, enter the times you want the system to run and the chlorinator will automatically switch itself on and off. The more recent chlorinators will also periodically clean themselves, again making owning a pool even more easier.

Thirdly, the salt in the water works as a natural water softener, creating a much more comfortable environment to swim in compared to the harshness of a hand-chlorinated pool.

And finally, safety. When it comes to pools, the most important thing is that your family is kept safe from bacteria and algae. Chlorine does not have a long life and therefore even if you test the water for chlorine before swimming and find the level is correct, after an hour or so that chlorine could have completely disappeared, leaving the water open for dangerous bacteria. Because a salt chlorinator will continue to sanitise your pool whilst the pool is in use, the chlorine in the water is constantly been replaced with new chlorine, keeping the water sanitised at all times and keeping your family safe.

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