Quality Pool Repair in Adelaide


Advanced Pools has the ideas and the experience to transform any existing concrete swimming pool or spa into startling award-winning results. Specialising in renovating existing concrete pools/ and spas by resurfacing them, Advanced Pools has been refurbishing award winning concrete pools and spas for over 40 years. Advanced Pools has won many state and national awards in the renovation category and we are well known for carrying out high quality work with attention to every detail.

 No pool or spa is too difficult for Advanced Pool Team

No matter what its condition, any concrete pool / spa can be renovated. Advanced Pools can carry out renovations on existing concrete pools/spas ranging from simple “touch ups” to a totally new look. We use international construction technology which results in standards hard to beat in Australia.

With our innovative ideas and unique style you can get a fresh start by rejuvenating your pool interior and upgrading your equipment, creating the high standards of presentation, enjoyment and relaxation that you are looking for.


Advanced Pools services your pool too

Advanced Pools is also a pool service company which means we can carry out a range of other services to complete your pool renovation such as pool repairs to pool pipe work, re-location of pool equipment, heating such as gas or solar and upgrade of the existing filtration equipment thus offering a complete renovation service.


Renovation and repair work carried out by Advanced Pools includes:

  • Repair of all concrete pool/spa surfaces including painted, pebblesheen, marblesheen and tiled i.e. cracks.

  • Fully tile pools / spas

  • Resurfacing  Marblesheen pool surfaces

  • Re-surface pool in a Quartzon finish

  • Up-grade filtration equipment

  • Upgrade waterline tiles

  • Repair of pool coping

  • Replacement of pool coping

  • Add a spa to existing pool

  • Replace existing skimmer box

As part of our renovation service Advanced Pools will always complete the renovation work with water treatment, cleaning of the pool and balancing of the pool water.


Pool and spa renovations are a great way to save money and conserve resources when you are confronted with a dilapidated pool or spa. With clever design and careful planning a pool or spa renovation can successfully create a new environment from a tired setting. Refurbishing or resurfacing your existing pool or spa can prove to be one of the most effective ways to boost the value of your home.

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A family pool after our pool repair in AdelaideA family pool after our pool repair in Adelaide
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