Salt Chlorinators from Pool Controls

Saltigem automatic salt chlorinator


The Saltigem automatic salt chlorinator is the latest offering from Pool Controls.


The Saltigem works by using an electrolytic cell to generate free chlorine, sanitising your pool water. Once it has done its job, the free chlorine reverts back to salt. It requires only half the amount of salt used by other brands. The Saltigem is designed and manufactured in Australia.



The key features on the Saltigem are:

  • It has a detailed LCD display with a status indicator which lets you know whats happening at all times.

  • A simple and versatile timer can also be used to control pool and garden lighting.

  • Optional pH control - unique to Saltigem- does not need a pH probe.


  • 2 Years on the Control Unit

  • 1 Full year plus a 4year pro-rata on the Electrolytic cell.   



SG20       20g per hour

SG20T     Timer

SG20PH   pH Control


SG30        30g per hour

SG30T      Timer

SG30PH    pH Control         

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