Pool & Spa Construction

Award Winning Pools

Advanced Pools has been constructing award winning commercial and residential concrete pools & spas for over 40 years. Winning over 30 state and national awards for pool design and construction, Advanced Pools is well known for quality and excellence in the construction of all our pools.


Best materials

Always using the very best in materials and pool equipment, each pool and spa constructed by Advanced Pools is to the highest standard. At Advanced Pools, we aren’t into mass construction, but instead focus on building quality and safety with great attention to detail and finish. For this reason we like to categorise our pools as the Rolls Royce of in-ground concrete swimming pools and spas.


Customer Satisfaction our Aim

Advanced Pools endeavour to satisfy each customer by providing a designer pool or spa to suit their needs. The innovative use of concrete construction techniques allows Advanced Pools to get beyond the normal limitations of general pool/spa design to produce results of outstanding uniqueness.


An Advanced Pools constructed pool or spa will transform your backyard creating your own personal resort to relax in and enjoy anytime. Imagine how an Advanced Pool creations will enhance your backyard. Here are some to help you imagine!


Click on these images to see the full picture!

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