Pool & Spa Chemicals at Advanced Pools

At Advanced Pools, we carry a wide range of chemicals to suit your pools every need, specialising in the BioGuard Brand  - we carry only the best in pool chemicals.

Staff at Advanced Pools have been professionally trained to handle any problem you may have with algae, cloudy water, balancing or just basic pool water maintenance and are happy to assist. 

Advanced Pools also provide a FREE computerised water analysis service, simply provide us with 1L of water from your pool. You will receive a detailed computer print out with easy to follow instructions on how to chemically balance your pool water.

To help you to keep your pool safe, sparkling and healthy all year round, we at Advanced Pools can devise for you an easy to follow, individualised program that will enable you to achieve the perfect looking pool without the extra work.


Check out our pool care programs – all aimed at making maintaining your pool quick and simple.


BIOGUARD 3-Step Program




BIOGUARD Salt Pool Program




WINTER Program





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