Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaners



For in-ground pools only

Suitable for all surfaces


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The Kreepy Krauly cleaner has been around for over 25 years and is still going strong. This simple yet effective cleaner, with its one moving part, not only vacuums the pool surface but also sweeps and scrubs away any dirt, algae, loose scale and soft calcium deposits.

The Kreepy Krauly Marathon also comes with the unique AutoSkim Assembly, which skims the surface of the pool, ridding the water of any floating debris, while the cleaner vacuums below.


Other Features include:


  • Comes with a 12m hose and an Auto-skim vacuum plate.

  • Non-jamming swivel which prevents hose from tangling and cannot clog with sand or grit.

  • The new colour vacuum hose almost disappears in your pool and is also UV stabilised for protection.

  • Has twin drive tubes to allow continuous water flow to your pump enabling the filter to perform at maximum capacity.

  • Vacuum seal is made of bacteria-resistant materials.

  • The unique scoop concentrates the flow in a single stream to ensure the most efficient pick-up of leaves etc.

  • The propulsion system allows the cleaner to move slowly on the pool floor so it does not stir up any debris, but also allows the cleaner to speed up to climb the walls.

  • Its only moving part, the hammer, has a 10 yr warranty.



  • Two Year full system warranty including hoses

  • Ten Year warranty on only operational moving part





Kreepy Krauly Kleva Kleena





For in-ground pools only


Suitable for all surfaces






This unique little cleaner is made by Kreepy Krauly and follows the original cleaner in quality and durability. Its compact size allows it to get into every nook & cranny of your pool and the Klever Kleena is programmed automatically to manoeuvre around steps, corners and ladders.


Other Features include:

  • Comes with a 9m sectional hose.
  • Has fewer moving parts than standard geared pool cleaners.
  • Simple to install into existing filtration system
  • Small & compact in design.
  • Includes a mini-skim system, which allows the cleaner to skim the surface of the water whilst cleaning the floor of the pool.

Warranty - Two Years complete system warranty including hoses




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