Suncap Solar Pool Blankets

Save on water and pool heating costs with a high-quality, heavy-duty Suncap Solar pool blanket. For more than 25 years, Sealed Air Australia has been perfecting their solar blanket, creating a cover that can withstand the harsh Australian conditions which will provide you with maximum savings and last the test of time.

A Suncap solar blanket can reduce evaporation by up to 100% and reduce evaporative heat loss by up to 75%. With water restrictions permanently in place and saving water a high priority, a solar blanket is a must for the water conscious pool owner.

 Some of the unique features of the Suncap Solar pool blankets include:

  • Thicker Bubble -the bottom layer is thicker than other pool cover material which makes it highly resistant to degradation from chlorine and salt.

  • Superior Buoyancy - the design and size of the bubbles provides superior buoyancy and excellent adhesion during high winds.

  • Lasts Longer -the ultra-violet inhibitors have been tested in Australia's harsh sun and heat conditions and are the best protection available for a pool blanket. They are also environmentally friendly as they are free from lead and other dangerous substances.

Advanced Pools are also able to supply Hydrotools rollers to fit all sizes of pools for in ground and above ground pools. These high quality solar cover rollers make getting your solar blanket on and off quick and easy.

And don't forget, Advanced Pools not only supply solar blankets and rollers but we can install your pool blanket and roller on site also.

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