BioGuard Salt Pool Program

The BioGuard Salt Pool 3-step program was designed to ensure that no matter what challenges were placed on the pool throughout the year be it environmental (leaves, dust, foreign debris), weather (rain, storms) or bather load, the pool would remain sparkling clear and inviting. Less work, less cost and pool owners have more time to enjoy their pool.


Ensure healthy water by keeping your pool chlorinated. Your salt chlorinator will do this step automatically. Check your chlorine levels regularly to make sure your chlorinator is producing enough chlorine to keep the pool safe.


Step 2 - OXIDISER        

Have Sparkling Clear Water via the addition of "BioGuard Salt Pool Sparkle" shock treatment once a week through summer. "BioGuard Salt Pool Sparkle" removes wastes that cloud water or reduce the effectiveness of the salt chlorinator.


Prevent algae growth by a weekly addition of "BioGuard Salt Pool Protector" algae inhibitor. This product ensures algae never gets a foot hold and prevents unnecessary and costly algae clean ups.

The BioGuard Salt Pool 3-step program is used by hundreds of thousands of pool owners throughout the world. It is a cost efficient, simple and effective water management program.



To ensure that the pool water has the proper mineral balance it should be professionally tested at least once a month during the swimming season. Having correctly balanced water also means that the pool chemicals being used are working to their maximum efficiency. Poorly balanced water also wastes chemicals and money as well as the risk of damaging the pool surface and equipment.

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