Winter Program

To ensure a happy pool opening in summer, be sure to look after your pool during the winter months. Youíll avoid problems that could develop during the winter that could wreak havoc on your pool when itís time to use it again in the spring. Improper winter pool care can translate in to damaged equipment, unsightly stains and serious algae growth that can be expensive and costly to clean up. Protect your pool over winter by following this simple program.




Clean your filter with "BioGuard Filterbrite". "BioGuard Filterbrite" removes the debris, grease etc and sanitises the filter media. Greases, oil deposits and scale can harden over winter, making clean-up much more difficult in spring and reducing the efficiency of the filter.




Add a shock treatment such as 'BioGuard BurnOut Extreme" to the pool. This will not only boost the chlorine in the pool but helps break down organic wastes in the water that algae can feed on over winter.




Add "BioGuard Backup II" or "BioGuard Salt Pool Protector" algaecide to the pool as per directions. Start with initial dose and follow up with monthly dose rate.




HAVE YOUR POOL WATER TESTED Ė To ensure that the pool water has the proper mineral balance it should be professionally tested at least once a month during the non-swimming season. Having correctly balanced water also means that the pool chemicals being used are working to their maximum efficiency. Poorly balanced water also wastes chemicals and money as well as the risk of damaging the pool surface and equipment.

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