Save Water at Advanced Pools

In these times of uncertainty when it comes to water it is important to save what we can. Being a pool owner you would be well aware of how much water a pool requires to keep it maintained with evaporation alone being responsible for the loss of approximately 200L per day in an uncovered average pool. We here at Advanced Pools believe that water usage in pools should be kept to a minimum and Advanced Pools stock a range of equipment and chemicals all aimed at reducing water loss in your pool.


Tips for Saving Water in Your Pool


Keep Your Pool Covered 

With evaporation accounting to approximately 200L of water loss from an uncovered pool per day it makes sense to keep you pool covered. This will save around 80% of the pool water usually lost from evaporation. Pool covers can be in the form of a solar blanket or a liquid blanket and with SA Water now providing rebates of up to $200 per cover this is the perfect time to cover your pool. Click on the following links for more information on pool covers and liquid blankets available from Advanced Pools.




Reduce Sand Filter Backwashing

Sand filters are a great pool filter but unfortunately require backwashing to clean them. This process of backwashing can use approximately 900L of water each time the filter is cleaned. There is now new technology available that filters out much of the debris and dirt before it reaches the filter thus greatly reducing the frequency of backwashing. Click on the link below for more information 



Keep Your Pool Maintained  

A pool that is kept clean and well maintained is far less likely to develop problems with algae. If an algae outbreak occurs in pools it requires water treatment which uses up a lot of water and in some extreme cases it may require the pool to be emptied and re-filled.


Keep Your Pool Equipment Maintained 

Always watch out for any leaks around your pool equipment and pipe work. If you find a leak fix it as soon as possible as even the smallest leak can loose up to 3500L in 24 hrs.


Keep Updated on Water Restrictions For Your Area 

 Water restrictions for filling pools/spas and topping water levels up in pools/spas do apply for South Australia. These can change so it is important to check the SA Water website regularly to keep up to date. Click on the following link to check what water restrictions apply to you.



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