Auto Chlor Salt Chlorinators



Auto Chlor distribute 2 quality salt chlorinators and have Australia's largest range, with size, features and prices to meet any domestic or commercial pools chlorination requirements.



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The AC models have a variable chlorine output control, a circuit breaker for overload protection, automatic low salt warning light if the salt levels fall below the optimum threshold and an automatic timer to control the pump (T Series). The Auto Chlor cells are solid plate industrial Grade 1 Titanium and the RP series are also self-cleaning. Running on 7.5 volts, the Auto Chlor is very safe and has been approved by electrical authorities.



  • Two years on power supply

  • Two years full plus 36 months pro-rata on AC series cell electrodes.

  • Two years full plus 24 months pro-rata on AC/RP series cell electrodes.




AC15/AC15T/AC15RP - 15gm/hr

AC20/AC20T/AC20RP - 20gm/hr

AC25/AC25T/AC25RP - 25gm/hr

AC35/AC35T/AC35RP - 35gm/hr

AC50/AC50T/AC50RP - 50gm/hr

AC100 - 100gm/hr



The SM models are more compact and light in design then the AC model and are perfect for confined spaces. They are semi-automatic, with a time clock to control the pump and a self-cleaning cell. The cell is coated in superior anode and produces a higher rate of chlorine for the size of the unit.

Warranty - 2 years full , plus 24 months pro-rata on cell.



SM20 - 20gm/hr

SM30 - 30gm/hr

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