Hurlcon Pool & Spa Pumps

Hurlcon CTX series pool pumps



Hurlcon produces quality pool pumps and is Australian owned, designed and made.




The CTX series pump has been designed to withstand even the most difficult Australian conditions. The combination of heavy-duty construction and quality materials allows the CTX to provide large amounts of power to drive substantial water flows with low operating noise and all at a very reasonable price. This incredibly tough pump is one of the most popular pool and spa pumps on the market.


Warranty - Three Years Limited




CTX280         1  hp

CTX400         1.5hp

CTX500         2  hp




Hurlcon FX series pumps




The FX Series is a flooded suction pump designed and made in Australia for a wide variety of applications in the toughest Aussie climate.


The smaller horsepower models are ideal for solar pumps, above ground pool pumps and heating system circulating pumps where reliability, quietness and efficiency are important. The larger horsepower models are designed for demanding applications such as swim jet pumps and multi jet spa pumps where high water flow is required.


Warranty - 3 Years limited    


FX140             0.5 hp

FX190             0.75hp

FX250             1.0 hp

FX290             1.25 hp

FX340             1.5 hp

FX520             2.0 hp

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